Ruskin To-Day is an informal organisation that exists to celebrate the life and ideas of the artist, critic and social reformer John Ruskin (1819-1900). It brings together the activities of the many different societies, academic institutions and individuals who share an interest in Ruskin and in the many different aspects of his work. This website serves as a noticeboard to draw attention to the many Ruskinian events that place across the world.


Ruskin’s bicentenary year ended on 8th February, 2020, his 201st birthday. But Ruskin To-Day will continue to maintain this website as a source of information on Ruskinian developments and events. If you have a Ruskin event coming up, anywhere in the world, we will be delighted to add it to our rolling calendar. You can contact us via any of the institutions listed on our site. If possible, please give us the information in the format used on our calendar page. If you are putting on an exhibition, we are about to create a new exhibitions page, where your show will continue to be displayed until it closes, as well as on our calendar.

Ruskin To-Day congratulates Andrew Hill on winning the 2019 Ruskin Society Book Prize for Ruskinland: How John Ruskin Shapes our World, published by Pallas Athene. Go to our calendar to find out where Andrew Hill will next be talking about Ruskin and the ideas in his book.

There is a calendar of events that will be updated regularly, and a map that will help you find events near you.

There are also links to the many organisations that make up the Ruskin community.


Upcoming events and exhibits

26 May
In conversation: 'Living with Ruskin: Edmund de Waal & Professor Tim Barringer'
Watts Gallery


Tickets: £25

The influence of John Ruskin is far reaching and for each artist, writer, educator and thinker who encounters his work, he means something different. Join friends, world renowned artist Edmund de Waal and Ruskin expert, Professor Tim Barringer, for an intimate conversation about their relationship with Ruskin’s ideas and who they understand him to be in an age of change.